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Once the process is complete, try doing whatever it was that you were doing before and see if you are still met with error code 0x80071AC3. See what the Value for the WriteProtect value is. If the Value field contains 1, that’s your problem – your registry is set to prevent your computer from writing to the disk drive in question.

If you can’t see the Tools menu, press Alt to display the menus. Before you begin, note that the system registry is one of the most advanced and sensitive areas in your operating system. A single mistake can render your computer unusable.

Debug error in script

First, try unplugging the mouse or turning off its Bluetooth connection, and plugging it back in. Sometimes your Windows 10 laptop or desktop cursor will start moving on its own, disrupting your work or browsing. Here are a couple of potential ways to fix it from Microsoft.

  • However, if you have already tried CMD and it failed to scan the device, you can make use of Remo partition recovery software.
  • If the Start menu remains unresponsive after a restart, then you may need to use the DISM and SFC tools.
  • Press enter after every command to execute it.
  • Press Windows Key + S, type create a restore point, and select the option from the results.

You should wait for more than an hour for the boot process to complete if you experience this problem. If your system disk is damaged, it means there is something wrong with it. Using the Surface Test drivers download feature, you can check for bad sectors on your computer if you are unable to fix hard drive errors with the Check File System feature. Disk errors can be caused by a variety of causes, including malware, viruses, power failure, and corrupt files. Hard drive errors can also be caused by physical damages such as bad sectors and corruption.

Moreover, another possible solution is the installation and frequent updating of an antivirus software program. This antivirus is going to protect your system and your hard drive and make sure that it remains safe from their threat. Turn on the non-booting system and press the BIOS key (F12/F10/DEL) to enter its boot settings.

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Clean boot is one of the useful troubleshooting techniques used to identify applications that cause errors. Performing a clean boot is an effective way to identify the software conflicts caused by non-Microsoft products. Follow the steps below to perform a clean boot.

To do this, you really need to get the opinion of an experienced expert, who will be in a much better position to give a one-on-one diagnosis of the system. It is recommended that even with Windows 10, you should still back up your files on an external hard drive before reinstalling the software. You can transfer your files to this cloud storage software, and it will free your internal hard drive on your device. This can help to improve any performance issues in the system. If you are reinstalling Vista, the Windows.old folder will be too large for a single-layer DVD but may fit on a dual-layer DVD. I keep my apps on a separate logical drive labeled Vista x64 Apps.

The Sims 4: PC System Requirements

If you fail to go to the safe mode on Windows 10, make complete use of automatic repair to fix repairing disk errors on Windows 10. You need to follow the below-mentioned processes without the error message; this might take over an hour to complete. Have you ever come across the error “Repairing Disk Errors.

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