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The “Bad System Config Info” error is one of the most frequent “blue screen of death” errors on Windows 10, 8, and 7. It is a bug check error message that tells you Windows is having trouble processing something. Finding the culprit is usually the hard part, but it is often an issue that is easily fixable. CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED is one of the few Windows BSODs that anyone can provoke at will. Among other things, that means Windows won’t run unless the generic system process that hooks Windows services up with dynamic link libraries is operating.

  • All you have to do is click on the Power button at the bottom-right corner and then hold the shift key while clicking on the Restart button.
  • And I cant install nvidia drivers unless it is installed because it software won’t allow it.
  • System requirements may change over time and you may be required to upgrade your current system to continue to play the game.

Quick scan finds files from a deleted partition lying “on the surface”, but there is no deep scan or file system rebuilding on the logical disk. Try to use the program again to determine whether installing the updated version fixed its problem. You can download the latest version of Visual Studio for free from Microsoft. The latest version is newer than the version that often causes this error.

Partition Recovery

DNS servers of your VPN provider will probably be used by your VPN client by default. In this way, DNS leaks are reduced, but sometimes there are problems with connection. To test whether this is the problem, try using another DNS server. The “Only use VPN DNS servers” option in your VPN app Settings needs to be turned off. Going by reasons for occurrence of ‘User Profile Cannot be Loaded’ Error in Windows 10, any of the following methods can be used to fix this problem. This error is also being reported by users trying to login to a New Local User Account on Windows 10 computers. A .zip file will now be downloaded to your local storage, simply extract the contents of the file in a convenient folder.

  • Continue these steps to restore any other missing files.
  • Go to the Start menu and enter Defender in the search box.
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  • But this is not a very safe and efficient method, so we recommend a specialized program in removing the infection on your computer.

You needn’t be an mature professional to treat Rundll Fix Wizard. We do guarantee that your Windows will recover from Rundll by only several clicks.

Investigating Systems Of Dll Errors

An issue with the volume boot code is the most common cause of hal.dll errors in Windows 7, 8, 10, 11, or Vista. The reason we list it as the fourth troubleshooting step is because the first three are so simple to try.


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