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Belgian Cancer Fund for Animals BKFD vzw

We are here for your best friend

The Belgian Cancer Fund for Animals vzw has set itself the goal of raising awareness about cancer in animals.
Better prevention, better detection techniques and better treatment methods increase the chance of a successful cure and can improve the quality of life of animals with cancer.

After years of great dedication, Elly Van den Berk, one of the founders of BKFD, from Lommel was honored as honorary chairman.

Thanks to the generous gift of a number of sympathizers and visitors to our activities, we can support a number of scientific projects in the fight against this terrible disease.

More information can be found at and on our Facebook page.

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ONCOWAF is a website created with support from BKFD and answers many questions about canine cancer.

What can my vet do for me?
How do I support my dog ​​during treatment?
Which breeds are more susceptible to certain types of tumors?

On you will find a lot of independent information and dog owners can share their experiences, tips and questions with each other via the Facebook page.

We are here for your best friend.