In loving memory of Medwyn

*10.06. 2013 – +25.03.2022


Leafing through an encyclopedia years ago I by chance read an article about the absolute giant in the dog world: the Irish Wolfhound. Contrary to his name, not looking like a wolf at all, but a sighthound enjoying in times long gone the huge fireplaces in the castles of Ireland and excelling in the hunt or wolves.

Their gentleness, loyalty but also independent nature and courage seemed the perfect match to me. On August 5th 1981 I welcomed O’Connell, soon

followed by Heireanna and Erindale Flynn. And as the saying goes: “Once an Irish, always an Irish”. Today I share my home with my 14th Irish Wolfhound! Sadly and after a courageous battle against osteosarcoma I had to say goodbye to Medwyn, the sweetest boy ever, in March last year. A bone cancer also affects young children and adolescents.

Together, the veterinary and medical world is trying for several decades now to beat this dreadful disease. Radio- and chemotherapy, limb amputation, pain control. But so far, once diagnosed there is very little time left.

Moreover, metastasis to the lungs and other organs is frequently.